Resources: Industries and Consultants Offering Phytotechnology Solutions

This list has been vetted as far as to say these professionals and companies are legitimate and have actually done phytotechnology work. But IPS in no way endorses any particular companies or vouches for the quality of their work. 

Floating Island International

Bruce Kania, inspired by biomimicry and the natural floating peat bogs of Northern Wisconsin, founded Floating Island International to help solve human water quality problems. Floating structures made from recycled plastic drink bottles both reduce a solid waste stream and mimic ecosystem conditions found in wetlands. FII and their 8 licensees around the world offer trademarked product technology and installation/design consultation and support. 

Worrell Water Technologies- Living Machines

Living Machine® Technology blends cutting-edge science and engineering with plants and beneficial microorganisms to efficiently treat and reuse wastewater, providing lasting water solutions for communities everywhere. Worrell Water has attracted over $10 million in grant funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Agriculture, and the US Department of Defense. Its technology and projects have received a number of awards, patents, and some projects are LEED certified. They offer tidal flow wetland and hydroponic versions of the Living Machines. Owner and Founder Tom Worrell became inspired by a new understanding of biodiversity and the interconnectedness of all things. In addition to Living Machines, Worrell Water pursues many other avenues all focused on eradicating global water and health issues. 

Ocean Arks International

Ocean Arks International is a non-profit research and outreach organization with a mission to create planetary healing through promoting ecological literacy and the dissemination of vital eco-technologies. Among its major projects is the protection and restoration of the world’s waters. The founder and ecologist Dr. John Todd has developed a unique and effective array of ecological technologies called eco-technologies. Originally known as Living Machines, they are the result of his careful observation of how natural systems heal themselves and regain their balance, bringing together representatives from all kingdoms of life, including microscopic algae, fungi, bacteria, protozoa and zooplankton as well as snails, clams, fishes and larger plants. Ocean Arks strives to reintegrate human and natural eco-systems to become mutually beneficial toward one another, with living technologies as a part of everyday life. 


Ecolotree is one of the earliest companies in the US to focus exclusively around phytoremediation applications. They offer economical, plant-based solutions to solve your landfill, lagoon, wastewater or toxic spill problems, using engineered tree systems.