About Us

Welcome to the IPS

The International Phytotechnology Society (IPS) is a nonprofit, worldwide professional society comprised of individuals and institutions engaged in the science and application of using plants to deal with environmental problems.

IPS’s mission is to promote research, education, training, and application of those technologies that use plants to deal with problems of environmental contamination, carbon sequestration, alternative fuels, and ecological restoration.

IPS is open to all researchers, practitioners, regulators, site owners and interested and concerned individuals who want to promote a natural way to deal with environmental problems.

Phytotechnologies are the use of plants to remedy environmental problems. Plants can be used to clean or contain contaminants from soil, sediments, or water. Planted systems can degrade organic pollutants and extract heavy metals. Plants can be used to restore impacted ecosystems, provide biofuel, sequester carbon, improve air quality, and beneficially impact our environment. Advances have been made in research to identify and optimize plant capability to reduce risk and enhance environmental benefits. This Society is devoted to bringing together the science, engineering, and applications of phytotechnologies worldwide.

Phytotechnology Areas:

  • Remediating environmental contaminants
  • Ecorestoration and habitat creation
  • Biofuels
  • Green roof technologies
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Vegetative landfill caps
  • Engineered wetland systems

For a printable flyer about the Society, click here. 

This flyer can be used at workshops, conferences, career and job fairs, included in informational racks, or simply shared with colleagues and students interested in environmental uses of plants. 

Society Awards and Recipients:

Milton P. Gordon Award for Excellence in Phytoremediation Research

2019   Joel G. Burken
2018   John Louis Morel
2017   Barbara Zeeb
2016   Ming Hung Wong
2015   Stanislaw Gawronski
2014   Michel Mench
2013   Nelson Marmiroli
2012   Jaco Vangronsveld
2011   Rufus Chaney
2010   Larry Erickson
2009   Alan Baker
2007   Jerry Schnoor

Dr. Stephen D. Ebbs Career Distinguished Service Award

2019   Dr. Lee A. Newman
2018   Dr. Marta Marmiroli
2017   Dr. David Tsao
           Dr. Jason White

Distinguished Service Award

2018   Dr. Andrej Pilipovic
           Dr. Matt Limmer
2017   Patrick Benoist
           Dr. Michel Labrecque
2016   Dr. Jing Song
           Dr. Joel G. Burken
2015   Dr. Larry E. Erickson
           Dr. Heather Henry
2014   Dr. Thrassyvoulos Manios
           Dr. Nicolas Kalogerakis
2013   Dr. Lee A. Newman
           Dr. David Tsao
           Dr. Stephen D. Ebbs
2012   Dr. Nele Weyens
           Nele Witters
2011   Renee Stoops
           Steve Rock
           Dr. Lee A. Newman
2010   Dr. Elena Maestri
           Dr. Nelson Marmiroli
2009   Dr. Elizabeth Nichols
           Dr. Barbara Zeeb