Projects: Bordeaux France December 2002

Project Site
Bordeaux, France
Contact Person
Michel Mench,
Purpose of Project

BES C, MENCH M, 2008 Remediation of copper-contaminated topsoils from a wood treatment facility using in situ stabilisation. Environ Pollut 156:1128-1138 MENCH M, BES C 2009 Assessment of the ecotoxicity of topsoils from a wood treatment site. Pedosphere 19:143-155 BES C et al 2010 Spatial variation of plant communities and shoot Cu concentrations of plant species at a timber treatment site. Plant Soil 330:267-280 MENCH M et al 2010 Successes and limitations of phytotechnologies at field scale: Outcomes, assessment and outlook from COST Action 859. J Soils Sediments 10:1039-1070 KOLBAS A et al 2011 Copper phytoextraction in tandem with oilseed production using commercial cultivars and mutant lines of sunflower. Int J Phytorem

Project Durarion
In progress since December 2002
Project Status
Project Media
Surface Water: other
Contaminant categories
PAH’s and TPH - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Phytotechnology mechanism
phytoextraction, phytostabilization, rhizodegradation
Plant Species
poplar, willow, sunflower, tobacco, agrostis capillaris
Remediation Enhancing Additives
dolomitic limestone, iron grit, compost, LD slag
Project Scale
Full Scale
Remediation Location
In Situ
Remediation volumn/area
600 m
Secondary Value/Uses for Project Land and Plants


Contaminant Categories

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