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These are past, present and future projects that use phytotechnologies to remediate contaminants. This list functions through continued user input. Please consider submitting your project to this database and returning frequently to update your data. This database is searchable- see the search function in the right-hand column. 

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I have just gained access to this site. In 1968, chlordane was applied to a known area. Residual levels are around 5ppm but because of the urban location, 1ppm total DDX (DDT,DDE,DDD) and a number of PAHs are also present. I grew several cutlivars of zucchini and squash, as well as hybridized and backcrossed individuals of each. Zucchini has been shown to accumulate certain weathered persistent organic pollutants whereas squash does not. No results are yet available for this first year of the trial.

The site is an agricultural experiment station farm with residual levels of DDE from routine historical DDT application. I have been running field trials over the last 10 years as part of a research program on the potential phytoremediation of persistent organic pollutants like DDE/DDT. Zucchini and pumpkin were identified as plants that can accumulate significantly greater quantities of DDE in their roots and stems than other plants. Anecdotally, the highest soil DDE level in 2000 was 1ppm; this last field season, the highest level I could find was 0.4ppm.


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