Phytotechnology Resources

We have found the following resource links to be legitimate and useful. We hope you find your own usefulness here. IPS does not take any responsibility for the functionality or truth of any information contained in these links. IPS does not specifically endorse any organizations, products, or services described in these links. However, we do highly support your exploration of these links so that you may build your own relationships with the players, partners, and plants you meet along the way. 

We may, in the future, develop resource categories or bibliographies for specific applications such as brownfields or ET Covers or floating wetlands, etc. Let us know if you have a particular interest. 

This grouping includes phytotechnology portals that include information covering many different resource categories simultaneously. We’ve also included resources that have indirect relevance to phytotechnology but cannot be directly categorized into the other groups. 

Here you will discover laboratories and research endeavors that uncover the science of how phytotechnology works. Please also visit the Projects Page of this website for much more about individual research projects. 

Here you can connect to university, community college, private professional development, and networking opportunities for phytotechnology education. Please also visit the Conferences/Events Page of this website for details about specific workshops, forums, or conferences where you can learn from the experts in this field. 

Here you will find support and information regarding laws, regulations, and governmental interest pertaining to the application of phytotechnology projects. 

Here you will find information about the stars of this show- their biology, physiology, ecology, landscape tolerances, historical and distribution patterns, and other relevant stories. 

Consider this a library listing for books, journals, articles, fact sheets, web links, and other publications that inform us about phytotechnology science and application. Where publications can be obtained directly from their source, we’ve provided a link. For others, you’ll be able to do your own search for vendors. 

This list has been vetted as far as to say these professionals and companies are legitimate and have actually done phytotechnology work. But IPS in no way endorses any particular companies or vouches for the quality of their work. 

Phytotechnology scientists and designers are spread across the world. This field is truly of global significance. IPS is only one of the organized forums or groups communicating and sharing knowledge and collaboration. Some of these listings are global, some are more regional, and all of them work best with your active participation in the discussions.