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Consider this a library listing for books, journals, articles, fact sheets, web links, and other publications that inform us about phytotechnology science and application. Where publications can be obtained directly from their source, we’ve provided a link. For others, you’ll be able to do your own search for vendors. 

PHYTO - comprehensive book on concepts for designers

PHYTO presents the concepts of phytoremediation and phytotechnology in one comprehensive guide, illustrating when plants can be considered for the uptake, removal or mitigation of on-site pollutants. Current scientific case studies are covered, highlighting the advantages and limitations of plant-based cleanup. Typical contaminant groups found in the built environment are explained, and plant lists for mitigation of specific contaminants are included where applicable.

This is the first book to address the benefits of phytotechnologies from a design point of view, taking complex scientific terms and translating the research into an easy-to-understand reference book for those involved in creating planting solutions. Typically, phytoremediation planting techniques are currently employed post-site contamination to help clean-up already contaminated soil by taking advantage of the positive effects that plants can have upon harmful toxins and chemicals. This book presents a new concept to create projective planting designs with preventative phytotechnology abilities, ‘phytobuffering’ where future pollution may be expected for particular site programs.

Filled with tables, photographs and detailed drawings, Kennen and Kirkwood guide the reader through the process of selecting plants for their aesthetic and environmental qualities, combined with their contaminant-removal benefits.

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PHYTO- book cover jacket

EPA- RTDF- Phytoremediation Bibliography

This is a searchable bibliography from the Phytoremediation Action Team of the Remediation Technologies Development Forum that is no longer being actively maintained but will remain available until at least 2015. 

Phytotechnology Technical and Regulatory Guidance and Decision Trees, Revised, ITRC, 2009

This 131-page document plus appendices is available for free download and represents some of the most organized and comprehensive work to-date supporting decision-making for project designers and permitting processes for regulators. Though it goes only thru the year 2009, this publication includes one of the few collected databases of phytotechnology projects and results. 

International Journal of Phytoremediation

This will go straight to the current issue of the journal, where you can review articles, purchase the issue, or subscribe to the journal. The publisher Taylor and Francis has many other journals and publications that may have relevance to phytotechnology professionals.