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These are past, present and future projects that use phytotechnologies to remediate contaminants. This list functions through continued user input. Please consider submitting your project to this database and returning frequently to update your data. This database is searchable- see the search function in the right-hand column. 

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During the remediation of the remains of former uranium mining and processing, the treatment of water contaminated with radioisotopes and heavy metals is a task of high priority. BioPlanta has undertaken extensive investigations into the treatment of water from the pit Pöhla-Tellerhäuser (Germany). The results of investigations with pilot scale constructed wetlands provided data about the treatment efficiency under varying hydraulic and material load, variability of the efficiency, remobilization of pollutants and the distribution of removed contaminants among the wetland media (gravel, plants).

Industrial wastewater of a tannery in Mexico is treated in a planted gravel filter. Through this the COD in wastewater is reduced below the regulatory limit value of 200 mg/l O2.

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Liz Rylott and Neil Bruce (York), Sharon Doty and Stuart Strand (Univ. of Washington), Antonio Palazzo (US Army, USA CRREL) The toxic explosive hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) is both resistant to degradation and highly mobile through soils and ground water and, as a result of this, RDX is now a significant threat to drinking sources such as those close to the US Massachusetts Military. We have demonstrated that Arabidopsis expressing bacterial RDX degrading enzymes remove and degrade saturating concentrations of RDX from soil leachate. We are currently transferring this technology into selected perennial wheatgrass species for the phytoremediation of RDX from soil leachate.

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